Day: February 15, 2021

Indianapolis Museum of Art in Hot Water Over Job Posting


The Indianapolis Museum of Art is looking for a new director. And in a regrettable job posting, it said that person would be working to maintain the museum’s “traditional, core, white art audience” while also attempting to attract a more diverse audience, the New York Times reports. Now, not surprisingly, the museum is apologizing. The current director and chief executive, Charles L. Venable, says the ad was meant to explain that while the museum is working toward more equity and inclusion, its existing audience would not be forgotten. However, “if we were writing this again, with all the feedback we’ve gotten, we wouldn’t write it that way,” he says. Indeed, the wording has been changed to simply, “traditional core art audience.” Newfields, the museum’s campus, also apologized in its own statement, WTHR reports.

“This is a six-page job description, not a single bullet point,”

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