Day: July 30, 2021

Houston for Tourists? If You Think That’s a Joke, the Joke’s on You

Howard Kingsnorth/Getty

Howard Kingsnorth/Getty

Have you ever been somewhere that was simply enjoyable? Good food, memorable attractions, a culture different from your own, and people who generally seemed happy to be living there?

Houston as a leisure tourist destination might not sound convincing to most, but after spending a handful of days there at the start of summer, I can heartily attest that it’s a place that was, quite simply, fun.

And so, it’s the latest selection for our twice-a-month series on underrated destinations, It’s Still a Big World.

Don’t get me wrong—for me Houston remains a place impossible to comprehend, and as I set out to write about it, I find it nearly impossible to firmly grasp a coherent vision of the place. After all, it’s huge. It’s also, arguably, America’s most diverse major city—racially, politically, socioeconomically, culturally—and so what follows is admittedly the tiniest sliver of a tiny sliver

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