Day: September 7, 2021

ARTS AND CULTURE: Revision, Revised – The Tribune

Submitted photo

Charles Cody Wilds – Vocals; Josh Bailey – Guitar; Austin Roberts – Guitar; Jared Webb – Bass; Jose Couvertier – Drums

Genre Style: Metalcore Infused Hard Rock

Location: Ironton

How did the project start?
Revision, Revised started in 2014, formed from various local band members coming together after the MySpace mainstream emo culture boom in the late 2010s. Starting off as a metalcore band on our first album, which was recorded by Grammy-nominated producer Joey Sturgis, “Dead Icons” was released in 2016 and was reissued as a deluxe edition in early 2018. Moving out of our initial style in 2019, we focused more on being a hard rock band instead of a pure metalcore band, while still featuring parts in each song that showcase our early sound. As vocalist Charles Cody Wilds started becoming more of a clean singing vocalist, we focused on creating a more mainstream sound

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