Day: September 29, 2021

Much-loved arts writer and ‘maker of community’ Pamela Espeland dies after sudden, unexpected stroke

Sep. 29—Longtime Twin Cities arts journalist Pamela Espeland died suddenly Sunday, leaving the local arts community in shock.

After a seemingly normal day that included morning coffee with her son and granddaughter and a pizza dinner on a patio, Espeland collapsed while at her computer. “She was in the middle of writing notes about the origins of Salsa music and responding to various comments on Facebook when doctors estimate she suffered a stroke,” wrote her son Jonah Klevesahl on Facebook.

“I still don’t believe it,” said Marianne Combs, who spent 20 years serving as an arts and culture reporter for Minnesota Public Radio. “When someone is so vibrantly alive and you have no warning or indication there is anything wrong and suddenly they are gone, taking all of that energy, enthusiasm, life and love with them … It’s an unspeakable loss.”

In a cracking voice, longtime friend Lowell Pickett, co-owner

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