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Photographer Slices Up a Leica for Art

For his new project titled Heisenberg Objekt No. III, award-winning photographer Fabian Oefner has created an unusual scupture by slicing up quite an expensive “raw material”: a pristine Leica M6 rangefinder camera, which costs around $2,500 to $3,500 used.

To create the sculpture, Oefner encased the camera in a block of resin and then used a bandsaw to carefully cut the block into slices.

Pouring the resin (left) and slicing up an encased camera (right).

Oefner then arranged the small slices into an exploded view that provides a glimpse into the guts of the camera.

Oefner also made a few study models of sliced Leica M6s using plaster:

“In the field of quantum mechanics, there is a law, which says that we cannot measure the position and the velocity of a particle at the same time,” Oefner writes. “The more accurately we know one of these parameters, the less

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Art exhibition in Aiken supports wildlife conservation; artists will paint live at opening reception | Entertainment

Art is the common thread through which Robert Campbell, Camryn Finnan and Whitney Kurlan contribute to the larger cause of wildlife awareness and conservation efforts. These artists channel their passions through creativity to build a body of work grounded in purpose. In the words of Rick Warren, “Knowing your purpose motivates your life. Purpose always produces passion, and nothing energizes like a clear purpose.”

The exhibits, titled “Going…Going…Gone” will run Feb. 4 through March 19 at the Aiken Center for the Arts, 122 Laurens St. S.W. At the exhibition’s opening reception from 6 to 8 p.m. Feb. 4, Campbell and Kurlan will be painting live from Finnan’s photographs. 

Campbell’s passion for the celebration of nature through art has led him to work closely with the International Conservation Community. He utilizes fundamentals of artistic skill to draw attention and evoke emotion in those who view his work, focusing on shapes, values,

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Angelina Jolie will auction rare Winston Churchill painting next month

LONDON — A painting by Winston Churchill that is a piece of both political and Hollywood history is coming up for auction.

Christie’s auction house said Monday that the Moroccan landscape “Tower of the Koutoubia Mosque” — a gift from Churchill to U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt — is being sold by Angelina Jolie next month with an estimated price of 1.5 million pounds to 2.5 million pounds ($2.1 million to $3.4 million).

The image of the 12th-century mosque in Marrakech at sunset, with the Atlas Mountains in the background, is the only painting that Britain’s World War II leader completed during the 1939-45 conflict.

He painted it after the January 1943 Casablanca Conference, where Churchill and Roosevelt planned the defeat of Nazi Germany. The two leaders visited Marrakech after the conference so that Churchill could show Roosevelt the city’s beauty.

“Roosevelt was blown away by it and thought it

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German art museum to return oil painting looted by Nazis to its Jewish heirs

  • Jewish historian Max Fischer owned the oil painting by expressionist artist Erich Heckel but lost possession of it due to Nazi persecution when he immigrated to the United States


UPDATED ON FEB 03, 2021 09:13 AM IST

A commission in Germany has ruled that a painting by expressionist Erich Heckel that is in a German art museum was likely unlawfully obtained under the Nazis and should be returned to the heirs of a Jewish historian who once owned it, officials said Tuesday.

Heckel’s “Geschwister,” or “Siblings,” was owned by Jewish historian Max Fischer until 1934, the year before he fled Germany to avoid Nazi persecution, according to Baden-Wuerttemberg’s state commission on Nazi looted art.

The 1913 oil painting ended up back with Heckel, and the artist donated it to the Kunsthalle Karlsruhe museum in 1967.

The state commission said it could not be determined when and under which circumstances

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