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Guide For Choosing The Right Wigs For You

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COVID-19 took away movie theaters and threatens our most challenging films

Challenging films such as "I Was at Home, But ... " with Maren Eggert, center, are endangered by the pandemic. <span class="copyright">(Cinema Guild)</span>
Challenging films such as “I Was at Home, But … ” with Maren Eggert, center, are endangered by the pandemic. (Cinema Guild)

Save our cinemas

Thank you to Justin Chang for his moving and heartfelt article about seeing poignant movies on the big screen [“Cinematic Power Outage,” July 26]. My family has been in business for 90 years (Metropolitan Theaters). We think there is enough quality content for all mediums but the theatrical experience has to be preserved and nourished.

See it on the big screen surrounded by other people even at a distance.

Bruce Corwin

Los Angeles


Justin Chang’s valuable discussion of the ways in which international cinema will be affected by the shuttering of movie theaters brings to mind another important absence that cinephiles are experiencing in the time of COVID-19: screenings of silent films with live musical accompaniment. Live music brings the cinematic past

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Burberry Foundation Brings Artists in Yorkshire, New York Together Amid Lockdown

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LONDON – The Burberry Foundation has expanded its in-school arts and culture project, Burberry Inspire, to the U.S. amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Artistic partners taking part in the program, such as American Ballet Theatre, Northern Ballet, Reel Works, Leeds Young Film, Studio in a School NYC, The Hepworth Wakefield and Leeds Playhouse, turned to virtual learning to continue their lessons, despite the impact of the pandemic on education programs.

Artists from those institutions created virtual dance, sculpture and digital media artworks that were directly inspired by the students, with highlights including the first-ever collaboration between American Ballet Theatre and Northern Ballet. Students worked with professional dancers on four films that were shot partly in New York and at the Hepworth Wakefield, a cubical-looking contemporary art museum in West Yorkshire, England.

Leanne Kirkham, director of learning at Northern Ballet, said: “With great

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