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The Dynamics of Sharing Our Creativity

Blinders On

When I ran the Maniscalco Gallery in Grosse Pointe, I remember more than once, artists coming through the door, head down, arms full of art, mumbling something like, “I don’t want to look at anyone else’s art. That’s how I know that what I’m doing is completely original.” In virtually every case, their work was derivative and uninteresting. Working in a vacuum produces vacuous art.


Hiding Our Candle Under a Bushel

I know so many artists who hide away, afraid to share their gifts. And by share their gifts I’m talking about exposing their talent to others who may have something wonderful to teach them. We grow as artists, not in isolation, but by the process of building relationships. I believe everyone I meet has the potential to transform me and my work. It’s not always good news. Sometimes it hurts. But I would not be the

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Technology and Artists

Technology and Artists text with computer cables
A guide to buying technology for artists and creatives!

How many times have you become
frustrated by the ever-growing complexity that technology brings to your
workflow as an artist? I have been using technology as far back as I can
remember, maybe even longer and there are still times when I think it would be so
much simpler to just use a regular paper notepad instead of this device that
always needs an update.

This week, I am hoping to give
you a little respite from some of the frustrations which as an artist you might
encounter from using technology in your process of creating art. Whether you
are using a computer to keep your paperwork up to date or creating digital
images, as an artist you can’t really avoid using digital tools, they are as essential
as a paintbrush for most creatives. The problem is that technology often gets

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Ep 110 Art Reference Finding it and Creating your Own

In today’s podcast episode we’re going to talk about finding art reference and creating your own.

Ep 110 Art Reference Finding it and Creating your Own


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I prefer working from my own reference photos

For me, I much prefer creating my own reference to work from, whether that’s from my imagination, from sketches I’ve done, from a still life life set up I’ve made, or from a photo I’ve taken of my own personal things. I also prefer the subject to be something that relates directly to me.

It would be much easier for me to find high quality reference photos on copyright free sites, such as unsplash, or Pixabay and they would be far better images than any photo I could take… I mean I’m no photographer! But I just prefer the feeling that the whole process has been my own creation, from start to finish.

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Portland Museum of Art announces winners in first sustainability art prize — Portland Museum of Art

The Portland Museum of Art on Friday announced six winners of the new Tidal Shift Award, created to recognize teens and young adults exploring climate change through their art.

About 70 artists from all over New England submitted works, including sculpture, illustration, fashion design, metalsmithing and music, the museum said. Four of the six winners are from Maine. Besides being recognized by the museum for their work, the winners in the 19-22 age group each get a $5,000 cash prize, while the winners in the 14-18 age division get $2,500.

The awards were created as a collaboration between the museum and The Climate Initiative, a Kennebunkport-based organization focused on educating and empowering youth as they work toward climate change solutions. In describing the award on the PMA’s website, the two organizations said they “believe art’s ability to inspire social change can be harnessed to fight climate change.”

Winners in the

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